About Breakout

Breakout has been the best place for tabletop gamers of all kinds to get their game on and hang out with their community since its inception seven years ago. A team of gaming community leaders from across Toronto came together to create Breakout, a convention made by gamers for gamers. At our inaugural event in 2016, we kicked things off with a fantastic lineup of events, incredible guests, and opened our doors to the gaming community, which showed its support by coming out and rolling dice with us.

Our convention continues to grow every year. Once again, we have some of the best gaming events in Toronto, including our huge Bring & Buy auction, an expansive boardgame library, exclusive Dungeons and Dragons modules, epic amounts of RPGs and much more. Every year, we try for new content, such as panels by industry insiders, games run by guest designers, and new game events like a Megagame. Whether you’re new to the scene or a veteran player, Breakout has something new for you to try and old favourites to return to.

It has always been our goal to ensure that Breakout is a safe and inclusive space. We strive on providing a convention that is welcoming to gamers of all kinds, which has become a core value for our team and our community. We thank you, our amazing friends, volunteers, and of course those of you who join us as convention-goers, for continuing to make Breakout one of the most successful and inclusive gaming experiences Toronto has ever seen.

Breakout is being held at the Sheraton Centre – Downtown Toronto. Plenty of space will be available for use all day and night for those who wish to game into the early hours. For more information on the hotel and booking rooms, see Hotel and Travel