Safety Ambassadors


Breakout has Safety Ambassadors. Safety Ambassadors are present throughout the con and can be found by the neon arm band they’re wearing. These are people who are dedicated to ensuring that Breakout remain a safe and inclusive space. If you need help, we’ve got you.

Safety ambassadors will stop, listen to you, and contact one of the main organizers if needed. They will stay with you until the organizer arrives and then will work with the organizer to ensure the safest way forward is taken. If you don’t need any action to be taken, but just need someone to support you in the moment, validate your feelings, or help you find a quiet place to decompress, a safety ambassador will also help you. They are present at the con to ensure a safe space and to help community members know we’ve got their back.

What can a safety ambassador help with?

  • Dealing with abuse, harassment, or someone making you feel unsafe
  • Dealing with someone who’s gotten out of hand, is behaving inappropriately, or is acting outside of Breakout’s inclusivity policy
  • Finding a safe and quiet place if you feel overwhelmed or need to tap out
  • Summoning Breakout Admin to situations that require their attention
  • Reinforce Breakout’s policies to ensure a safe and inclusive environment
  • Listen to concerns, frustrations, or hurt
  • Offer validation, comfort, or high fives

To apply as a Safety Ambassador, email Pete at Safety Ambassadors or convention attendees needing to contact an admin should text or call Pete (To Be Provided).