World Series of Board Gaming Tournament



Want to win $25,000 playing board games?

The World Series of Board Gaming (WSBG) has partnered once again with Breakout to bring you their Toronto Mini Tournament!

If you're unfamiliar, The World Series of Board Gaming ( is an annual competition in Vegas to crown the "World's Best All-Around Board Gamer". Competitors will compete in 16 different games, with one winner taking home the title of WSBG Champion and the $25,000 grand prize. They're back in Vegas this year and want the Best of the North to join in on the action.

Sign up on the Breakout event scheduler (coming soon), for the WSBG mini tournament where you can win a Single Ring Pass to The World Series, or other great prizes! And don't worry, this won't monopolize your open gaming time! To be the Breakout WSBG Champion, all it takes is winning 3 games!

Each of the WSBG Ring Events will have their own 1 designated table (4 players max per game). Win that game, and you're in the Semi Finals, where you'll play a RANDOM game out of the 16 to win your way to the Final Table! This format allows you to specialize in the game you know best, while also testing your all-around board gaming adaptability!

This is a free event! Anyone can enter, but be advised that WSBG is an 18+ only tournament. Sign ups are limited, so lock in your game now! (See below for tournament details)

Friday, March 15
4pm - Wingspan, Great Western Trail, Acquire, Lost Ruins of Arnak

6pm - Ark Nova, Castles of Burgundy, Cascadia, Ticket To Ride

Saturday, March 16
11am - Earth, Azul, Brass Birmingham, Terraforming Mars

2pm - Splendor, Ra, Dune Imperium, Heat

Sunday, March 17
9am - SEMI-FINALS (drawn once all 16 games are completed)

1pm - FINALS